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The Critical First Mindset for Mastering Sales

We do not normally show video on Sales Training unless it is relevant to “Making Major Sales” However this video from Noah Hammond is something all Sales Trainers should be teaching their salespeople.

We are astounded at the amount of organizations who do not offer any type of sales classes to their staff, Sales manager training is vital if there happens to be a sales manager running the sales team.

How many businesses offer customer service training? Are you a sales person who has to search the internet to find out how to sell? If that is the case we suggest you talk with your employer and ask about some type of sales program that suits specifically what you sell. If you are in car sales, you need automobile sales training. It must be a sales class in making major sales.

It is well worth while looking at and decide where you fit the sales picture.
Sales Training – http://www.noahhammond.com

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The dreaded car yard and car sales people

Car sales people, Car yards, vehicle sales. Are they all the same? It sure seems like it. My recent experience was when I had a whim and thought I would check out the famous British car Jaguar. (Now owned by a company in India I believe).

I walked onto the yard when there was very few people around and has plenty of time to look. It was not long, (shorter than usual) before I was approached by a smart looking car sales person. The first words were the dreaded “Can I help you?” I pointed out that I was taking a look at Jaguar as I had not taken any interest since the days of high maintenance with leaky oil seals and faulty transmission units.

Well I was in for an education, the salesman really got into high gear and started pointing out endless features covering a number of different models. I cannot remember ever having such a complete list of features from anyone for so long. He took me through each model in detail, raving with wild enthusiasm about how great these cars were. Including pointing out the manufacture was still conducted in the UK regardless of the fact it was now owned by an Indian organization.

I was told about the leather seats, GPS system, Ipod accessory sockets, phone prep etc. Overall the lecture went on for close to forty five minutes. During this time the salesman also pointed out that he was once a mechanic so he knew all about the Jaguar and how it has now overcome the service issues it was renowned for in the old days.

Quite frankly I had been bombarded with information, not one single question was asked of me, nothing about who I was, where had I come from, what was I driving, why I had visited there yard today.

When I was about to leave I was aked if I would like to take a drive in one of the new cars, my reaction at that time was “Maybe later”.

At that point I was asked if I would be happy to leave my mobile number and he would call in the weekend to see if I would come in and take a test drive at that time. Naturally I gave him the number and went on my merry way. All in all quite a daunting experience and I left totally confused on which models I had actually seen. In fairness to the salesman I did get a call and he left a message inviting me in to take a test drive.

At this point I have not been back. My thoughts about all this brings me to the point in asking why these sales people are not trained. Why don’t they understand how to ask questions? The business people miss when making major sales must be astounding and even learning a few fundamentals would help.

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Selling Vehicles

Here is a video with some wise words about selling vehicles. The only point I want to make about this video is one needs to understand there is a skill to making major sales. Selling a vehicle is a major sale.
Selling the polish to make the car look good is a simple sale. The skills required are totally different.
Unfortunately most sales people do not understand this. Nearly all books written about selling do not separate these skills. Notwithstanding this, good pointers are in this video for newbie sales people wishing to enter the car selling business.

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Up Selling or Thinking Big

My thoughts over the last few days have just reconfirmed a few things about making major sales. I have been looking at cars and speaking to a number of sales people involved in the vehicle sales profession.

Even though price selling may be easier and faster, you will be the loser because of under selling and more than likely earning less income.

Many customers like me have a strong reluctance to purchase poor quality, and some who do so will regret and quite often cancel later.

If you are involved in making major sales or in fact any kind of sales you make a grave error with either extreme.

A: Concentrating your sales effort on quick selling only.


B: Overselling or forcing your customer too hard.

You must determine your customer needs, I do not know how many times this week I have given car sales people a brief on what I was looking for. Price was NOT the motivating factor in my case, yet this brief went over most heads. In nearly every case they tried to sell me something I had no interest in.

There are two reasons for selling a better or upmarket product. The obvious one is too increase your earnings or profitability, and the second is to serve your customer better. A customer frequently will make a buying decision on price alone, unaware that a far better product or service, more keeping with his or her needs, would cost comparatively little more.

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Review Delayed

The review I have spoken about in the last post has been delayed. Believe it or not I am trying to buy a car at this time. The process is stretching my patience as it is daunting dealing with car salespeople who know nothing about selling. Most of those I have spoken with so far just talk and very few ask questions.

In fact it is rather interesting as I am a cash buyer with no trade in and in fact I want to purchase two vehicles. What an opportunity in such a tough market. Any sales person worth their salt should be able to uncover what I am after by asking the correct questions and no doubt could make some dollars!

Anyway, the review will come but I need transport sorted first.

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