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The Best You Can Be

I remember way back in 1962 well before I ever knew I would have a sales career; I was employed by “Plessey” an English Radio Telephone manufacturer in Auckland New Zealand.

At this time I was young and had dreams of becoming a Radio Technician.

During my four year tenure here an immigrant fromEnglandby the name of Ray Woolf joined the company for a short time. Ray’s mother already worked for the organization and Ray took a job on the assembly line. Ray had been trained as a singer in theUKand he had aspirations of entering the entertainment scene inNew Zealand.

It is now 2008 and Ray has had a sensational career winning many awards and he has become a very professional and polished entertainer.

This brings me to today’s rave about being the best you can be.

Mt career took a turn for the better in 1975 when I realized I could sell and it was in the late eighties I got a lesson from Ray about being your very best.

I had been visiting one of my country Hifi retailers Roger Angell in Whakatane NewZealand. I happened to be staying over night and we heard that Ray Woolf and his band (including Billy Christian) a great bass player were in town. They were performing at a local hotel.

We decided to go and see them and to our amazement our group made up of sales staff etc happened to be the majority of people there.

When the show started only a handful of patrons arrived and it was rather disappointing to see such a poor turnout for what was going to be a class act.

When the concert finally got under way I was totally speechless as I witnessed the most professional musical event I had seen in years.

Ray and the boys gave it 150% effort despite the very poor turnout of support. The people who did not come missed a real treat but above all this drummed into my mind about being your very best.

Remember when you are in any sales situation or presentation you must be absolutely on top of your game.

Take a lesson from Ray Woolf just like I did. The fact his audience was small and probably intimidating did not phase him or his band in any way. They gave more than anyone expected that evening and this is a credit to this entertainer and the belief he has in himself.

You too will have witnessed the professionalism shown by similar people to Ray Woolf and when you think of these people try and apply the same faultless level of expertise to your own efforts. Whether you are running a business or making major sales this applies in every case.

Ray Woolf

Ray Woolf…. A Class Act

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