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Customer Relationship

What kind of relationship do you have with the people you are dealing with? I have been thinking about this issue a lot today and have decided this is really quite a big deal if you are are a professional salesperson.

Humans are very strange creatures, we all have different belief systems, we have been conditioned by our parents, conditioned by our schooling, conditioned by our peers when we were growing up and by nature we are usually selfish.

We all have different opinions on just about everything and I guess this is a good thing as it would be a pretty boring world if we were all the same.

However I feel that when it comes to dealing with people like customers we need a high level of empathy. We must respect the way they feel and we need to discard our own personal feelings and try to understand our customer or prospect in a genuine manner.

It is all very well trying to sell our product or service but it is only right and proper to sell a real solution.

I am dismayed and disapointed how a big fat commission drives certain sales people to stitch up a client with something they don’t need.

There is nothing like repeat business and a great reputation rather than gain a bad name for being a shonky merchant. If you can honestly walk with your head in the air and look your customers directly in the eye convinced you have done the right thing for them you have done your job.

If not it will eventually return and bite you where it hurts.

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