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Then someone turned me onto a book called ‘ SPIN Selling .

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How to Keep Customers

Most businesses take their customers for granted. Most sales people do the same. Many companies waffle on about how much their customers love them but do nothing to keep them. In the distribution business it is always “Push Push Push” by the supplier. Being proactive seems very difficult for most people and believe it or not the problem seems more difficult when the customer actually does significant business. This is particularly the case with Real Estate agents when a developer may purchase many properties through the same agent or company. In other cases where a manufacturer supplies high value goods to a sole distributor in one particular country.

My recommendation would be to schedule at the very least quarterly meetings to determine how your customers expectations are being met. Maybe you could invite even the buyers and some of the users and or sellers. For instance if you sell to the owner of a retail store maybe the staff who sell your product or service have a completely different view compared to the business owner. Make certain yo

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