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Your Best Customers

What are you doing to retain your best customers? Did you know most customers and salespeople take their best customers for granted.

If sales are pouring in everyone celebrates but if sales drop off there are excuses. Remember 20% of all your customers will be doing 80% of your business and you need to take care of these people. I suggest as a sales manager you ask your sales representatives to call in person at least once per month. You as an employer or sales manager should visit your best customers every three months and review your business with them. It is extremely important to build a relationship and trust. These people are your livelihood.

You may be selling products to a retail business; there are a number of sales people on the floor. Your relationship may be with the owner, department manager or buyer. It is most important you get to know the people selling your products. Communicate with these people on a weekly basis, talk about other things rather than tell them “Sell more of my stuff”.

Try and assist them with sales tips, ideas and strategies to help them make more sales. Try and create partnership programs with these people and provide incentives for them. Naturally this has to be done with management approval but it is a very effective way of building sales and your strength in that business.

Investing in your best customers is like an insurance because if you lose them it is a disaster.

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