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“Hype” Marketing, Discounts and Low Price

We all know that big deals, discounts, 20 percent off, short time only etc creates HYPE in the market place. When it comes to selling we also know that if we ask many people to buy something the “law of averages” says one in every four will.

Therefore we are constantly being bombarded on TV and in the streets with “HYPE” that creates a buying frenzy.

Professional sales people sometimes get caught up in this hype. They are so enthusiastic about their product or service that just can’t help themselves.

All they want to do is broadcast to their prospects and customers how good this item is, or how good this service is. The reality is in this day and age with fast lane business, IPHONES, Smartphones, Cellphones and all the other gadgets that speed things up we must take stock.

My tip of the day is to ask all of you people involved in “Making Major Sales” to slow down, think about your customer, ask the correct questions that may uncover solutions that your product or service just might fix.

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