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The Price Driven Sale

How many sales calls have you attended that are not about selling “value”?

Most sales people and companies talk about offering “value added services,” “value selling” or they claim to be selling “solutions”.

However, do these sellers really understand what their customers would define as value?

How many sellers can accurately identify what kind of “value” their customers are willing to pay a premium to receive?

If value is defined as something that causes a customer to reduce their price concerns, then effective sellers should be able to answer with a list of specifics.

The unfortunate reality is, most will answer with guesses and just point out the advantages of their product or service.

Research carried out by Huthwaite Research has revealed a compelling over use of the words, “concept of value”. Their research has shown the average sales person just does not understand their customer’s real needs.

When a seller employs the correct selling tactics, three outcomes can be achieved:

Price will become less important to the customer.

In situations where the seller genuinely seeks an ongoing relationship (and is successful) with the buyer, the customer will then normally put up a barrier to the seller’s competition.

The seller should uncover areas of opportunity available to them from each customer by asking the appropriate questions and being able to identify them accurately.

This is a major topic for any organization finding itself trapped in today’s marketplace as we constantly see oversupplied with commodities.

In 2008 we can only succeed through real value creation where you can totally differentiate yourself and your product or service from your competitor.

This surely must be uncovered by you with proper questioning of your customer. In future posts I will reveal more on this most important subject.

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My Personal Guarantee

I can guarantee more sales are lost by asking poor questions and poor salesmanship than lost to the lowest price.

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