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More from Dale Carnegie

If you are in a big sales team and sometimes get a little flack from your fellow salespeople then take heart at what Dale Carnegie had to say:

1. Remember that unjust criticism is often a disguised compliment.

2. Do the very best you can.

3. Analyse your own mistakes and criticise yourself.

4. Ask others for constructive criticism.

If you are making major sales in your own business or in a sales team the best thing to do is be your very best. If your company does not provide any form of sales training (most do product only training) make sure you do it yourself. Read all the books by Neil Rackham and practice what he preaches. Making major sales is a completely different skill from making simple sales and the more training you do the more skills you will aquire. That means in the end the more money you will make. Once you become a true professional salesperson the world is your oyster.

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Dale Carnegie

My life changed way back in 1972 when my good friend Andrew Smith (APT) sent me on a Dale Carnegie course.

The course was over fourteen weeks one night per week and by half way through I changed my vocation and knew all I wanted to do was sell and work entirely for myself.

I have never forgotten the lessons learned on that course and this one is the most important.

If you want to get on in life you must get people to like you and here are the six ways:

1. Become genuinely interested in other people.

2. Smile

3. Remember that a person’s name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language.

4. Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.

5. Talk in terms of the other persons interest.

6. Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely.

ALL of this is vitally important if you are making major sales. If you are involved in sales training or sales management you must impress these important aspects onto your sales staff or participants.

How many sales people do you know who really have these skills? It is not rocket science, and all of these skills are worth mastering.

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Popular Smartphones

Do you use a “popular smartphone”?

I guess most salespeople do, however PLEASE do not let it ruin your chances of making major sales. There is a serious problem out there and it is very disturbing.

I was in Melbourne Australia a while back and I was having breakfast at a popular cafe at 7.30 am. Next to me at a big table was a sales team enjoying a breakfast meeting. There were around ten people including a sales manager leading the group.

He was trying to get started with what appeared to be a structured and well planned program. During this time his cellphone rang three times and in each case he answered it. This distracted the remaining group and after that third call a female salesperson got up and angrily made this point. “If that cellphone is not switched off now I am leaving this meeting”.

Naturally the sales manager was upset as the whole restaurant overheard, however is this not a valid argument?

What on earth would have happened before smartphones? Would these calls have taken place? I do not think so and it baffles me why a sales manager would turn his phone on at anytime when running a motivational meeting for staff.

In my opinion it degrades those staff and takes the whole focus off the meeting. The same thing applies and is equally important when in front of a customer. Real Estate sales people generally make a habit of it and it surely sends the message to the customer about who is the most important.

My tip of the day is to just think about the importance of this post.

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A Missed Sale in Real Estate

I was speaking with a property developer today who told me this story.

Recently a young business person sold his company for a very large sum of money. I do believe his share was in many millions.

He and his wife now had the money to buy a new property. They visited a local agency and spoke with an agent describing roughly what they were looking for. Naturally they were looking in an upmarket part of the city.

The agent said “Leave your name and phone number and I will put together some possible properties and get back to you”.

The prospective purchases then moved on down the road and visited another agent explaining their desire to buy. This agent said “Tell me what you are looking for”. After the couple described what they wanted the agent said “I will take you out right now and show you what I have.”

Believe it or not the couple paid $10 million for a property they were shown by this agent. It appears they were contacted later by the first agent with a list of possible properties. Their reaction was “We have seen those and we have now made a purchase.”

Can you just imagine how that first Real Estate agent felt? A golden opportunity let go by and picked up the same day by another agent in a competitive company.

The lesson here is “There is no time to waste, and you cannot judge a book by it’s cover.” This surely is inexperience, laziness or some other weak excuse.

Making Major Sales are simple sometimes.

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