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If you are a self employed sales person or if you are employed by a company in a sales role you have a responsibility either way.
Any representative sales role in any field normally means a great deal of self discipline. It means organizing your time in an effective way and it also means making the best possible use of that time available. Generally the more people you can get in front of means more sales.

If you are employed by a company you have a responsibility to understand their requirements from you as their representative. Remember you are the advertisement for that company and most companies would like the best possible image.

If you are self employed and your income depends on the amount of sales you make then you need to make certain your presentations and preparations of such are impeccable.

I have been doing a great amount of traveling lately and I am delighted to see many retail stores in many countries are finally getting the message about professional displays and stock presentation.

I have also received a copy of a report sent to my son from a real estate agent in New Zealand who is promoting one of my son’s properties. It is most gratifying to see at last sales people and companies involved in making major sales are making the effort to do that little bit extra.

I do believe however there are many companies out there with a long way to go yet. For instance it is still impossible to phone some organizations and speak to a live person during normal office hours. Studies in Australia showed that 35% o people hang up when confronted with a robot phone offering choices by pushing buttons.
We live in a fast age where people want answers now. If I am selling a property I expect my agent to report to me weekly in detail. As a regular property investor and developer I expect my agent or agents to keep in contact with me on a regular basis.
If they don’t I simply replace them and that is what most customers do when they are dissatisfied with service.
Therefore my tip of the day is to think seriously about your responsibility if you are a professional sales person.

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