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Where Major Sales are made

Many people have no idea just how sophisticated Bangkok in Thailand really is. This is a city with stunning shopping centers and wealthy people. The Paragon shopping center is the latest multistory complex to open.

It is in this complex you will find people capable of making major sales. Not only can you buy the latest Porsche or Ferrari at authorized dealers but you will also find RSGB Laser vision.

This company is the brainchild of Krisda and Chalailk Chatikavanij, and they sell the very best home entertainment systems on the planet.

These charming people know how to set their organization well apart from competitors and differentiate themselves in a climate where most companies are struggling and fighting each other on price.

In the twenty something years I have known these people I am constantly surprised by the efforts they make to stay up to date with the latest trends and the endless amount of sales training and presentation skills they provide their staff.

It is a fact very few sales people or companies, have recognized how dramatically their market has changed over the last few years.

Most sales people cannot grasp how value is interpreted by their customers. There are even less sales people who have adapted to the new skills required to make major sales.

Well there is some bad news and some good news here. The bad news is that most salespeople are still operating under the old idea that just handing out information is the way to communicate value to their customers.

Unfortunately for them, this is now the path to just selling on price. The good news is that for those companies, sales forces and individual sellers just like RSGB Laser Vision who make the transition, there is a unique opportunity to capture a greater share of their market and to do so with a lower percentage of customers who make purely price driven buying decisions.

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