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Are Retailers Missing the Boat?

On a recent trip to Nelson in New Zealand I decided I wanted to buy a present for my grand daughter. It was a Saturday and from all accounts the busiest shopping day of the week.

The day was sunny and lots of people were out and about in town. I had lunch at the local Turkish restaurant where the Coffee is excellent and the mezza even better.

Opposite I spied the colorful sign of a children’s store by the name of Crackerjacks. It was 2.30pm and I quickly finished my coffee and headed over to Crackerjacks with the purpose of finding a suitable present for the adorable Poppy.


Well, what a surprise, the door was ajar but when I entered a woman looked at me and shouted “We are closed.”

“What” I replied, in this economy how on earth can you be closed at 2.30pm on the busiest day of the week!

All I got was a smile and “Sorry”.


Now looking back at this I am still in shock, and disappointed I was turned away from what was going to become a certain sale. Maybe a toy store only makes simple sales but it is also possible they carry high end costly toys that require a little more thought before a prospective buyer makes a purchase.

Regardless it was obvious that Crackerjacks was prepared to pass up business of any kind and without doubt in a current economy where most retailers are moaning and bleating.


If you own a retail business I strongly urge you to look at your trading hours, make certain you are open as advertised and make sure you have capable staff employed to secure any type of sale, whether a major sale or a simple sale.


Take a look at when the public actually do their shopping and open accordingly.


If you are making major sales, IE: A sale that normally requires more than one interview with a prospect, make certain your staff are well skilled in the process.


If you are in business and making any kind of sales how serious are you?

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