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How to Work a Car Deal – Automotive Sales Training – Jim Ziegler

Here is a very interesting video by Jim Ziegler on Automotive selling. This guy obviously has been very succesful in the field of making major sales therefore well worth viewing.
How to Work a Car Deal – Automotive Sales Training – Jim Ziegler.

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The Critical First Mindset for Mastering Sales

We do not normally show video on Sales Training unless it is relevant to “Making Major Sales” However this video from Noah Hammond is something all Sales Trainers should be teaching their salespeople.

We are astounded at the amount of organizations who do not offer any type of sales classes to their staff, Sales manager training is vital if there happens to be a sales manager running the sales team.

How many businesses offer customer service training? Are you a sales person who has to search the internet to find out how to sell? If that is the case we suggest you talk with your employer and ask about some type of sales program that suits specifically what you sell. If you are in car sales, you need automobile sales training. It must be a sales class in making major sales.

It is well worth while looking at and decide where you fit the sales picture.
Sales Training – http://www.noahhammond.com

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Review Delayed

The review I have spoken about in the last post has been delayed. Believe it or not I am trying to buy a car at this time. The process is stretching my patience as it is daunting dealing with car salespeople who know nothing about selling. Most of those I have spoken with so far just talk and very few ask questions.

In fact it is rather interesting as I am a cash buyer with no trade in and in fact I want to purchase two vehicles. What an opportunity in such a tough market. Any sales person worth their salt should be able to uncover what I am after by asking the correct questions and no doubt could make some dollars!

Anyway, the review will come but I need transport sorted first.

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“Ferrari for Sale”

Ferrari for sale?

Is your Ferrari for sale? Do you sell Ferrari’s?

Do you know selling a Ferrari really is making a major sale. Purchasing this car is not a decision many buyers would make lightly.

However I have walked in and out of many high end car showrooms and was never spoken to by anyone. What is it about salespeople? One would think any company offering vehicles of this cost would make certain their sales people were trained and on the ball.

The fact of the matter is like many other luxury product such as cars, boats and any other big ticket item the sales person is usually an enthusiast first.

You can bet your bottom dollar a Ferrari sales person knows everything about this car. They will know how fast it can go, they will be happy to tell you everything relating to the “history of Ferrari” to all the details about Enzo Ferrari himself.

However will they ask anything about you? Will they ask why you are visiting a Ferrari showroom? Will they ask what motivated you to visit them?

From my own experience when dealing with “high ticket items” the “questions” are few but the “telling” is high. You will quickly find out how Ferrari is doing in the Formula one series but unlikely to be asked a great deal about your interest.

The fact is, it does not matter what you look like, it does not matter whether you look rich or poor. Making Major Sales is a skill and my advice to any company or salesperson involved in selling Ferrari’s, Porsche, Aston Martin or any other Luxury Auto should dedicate their time in learning the differences between making simple sales and making major sales. If their pocket depends on it there is a slight possibility it may expand.

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