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The Critical First Mindset for Mastering Sales

We do not normally show video on Sales Training unless it is relevant to “Making Major Sales” However this video from Noah Hammond is something all Sales Trainers should be teaching their salespeople.

We are astounded at the amount of organizations who do not offer any type of sales classes to their staff, Sales manager training is vital if there happens to be a sales manager running the sales team.

How many businesses offer customer service training? Are you a sales person who has to search the internet to find out how to sell? If that is the case we suggest you talk with your employer and ask about some type of sales program that suits specifically what you sell. If you are in car sales, you need automobile sales training. It must be a sales class in making major sales.

It is well worth while looking at and decide where you fit the sales picture.
Sales Training – http://www.noahhammond.com

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Objection Handling and Closing Sales


I don’t want it

I have spoken many times about objection handling and closing when it comes to selling. The message however does not always get through. Did you know that traditional closing techniques just do not work when making major sales? Trying to overcome objections during a larger sale can also cause you problems as well and contribute to lost sales.

The skills required for making big sales can be demonstrated quite clearly with the research Neil Rackham carried out in his Newcastle study way back in the early 1970’s.

Rackham found that successful sellers focus on objection prevention, NOT on objection handling. The research analysed how they did it and described it in his books. The sales courses aimed at specific industries also explain these skills in detail and if you are able to practice and obtain these important skills you will find a major improvement in your sales ability.

The same thing applies to closing the sale, Racham found the closing techniques used in smaller sales can lose you business when making major sales. Most commonly taught closing techniques do not work, the skill is to find better ways of obtaining customer commitment in the major sale and once again in our dedicated sales course we place a huge emphasis on this skill.

For some strange reason the average sales course goes into great detail and training about handling objections and closing techniques. In virtually every case these relate to making simple sales. In my experience I have collected and read numerous books on sales training, and most sales managers teach this method to their sales teams. However if you are involved in making major sales and you adopt these training techniques it is very clear you be heading in the wrong direction.

In our courses we teach the techniques that have been proven to work through dedicated and tireless research by Neil Rackham of Huthwaite Research.

There are very few sales people in the world who have these skills, few organizations teach it and the reason is simply because they do not know about it.

My passion is being able to show a potential sales person how to advance to super sales person in a few short steps in record time. If you sell big ticket items and you are involved in making major sales we can help you providing you can read, listen and ask questions.

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Wasted sales efforts (leaky funnel?) – Science & Articles

Some of the popular ones include Miller Heiman, Solution Selling, Selling with Integrity, ROI Selling, PoV Selling, Value$elling, Cluster Selling, SPIN Selling , the Complex Sale for large opportunities, Viral Marketing (to the Long …

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Genii Software | BlogNew

Then someone turned me onto a book called ‘ SPIN Selling .

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IBM’s Secret for Making the Sale | BNET

“Sales departments are notorious for embracing the flavor of the month,” says Neil Rackham, a sales consultant and author of SPIN Selling . “One of the things IBM does much better is that they follow through.” …

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Feed your mind!

SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham- Rackham’s researchers accompanied sales people on over 35000 sales calls, collected and compiled the data, and arrived at some very interesting findings. For instance, one style of selling will work very …

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A WHOLE LOT OF SPIN – Selling Myself As A Piano Teacher

A WHOLE LOT OF SPIN – Selling Myself As A Piano Teacher. Recent Entries · Friends · Archive · User Info · personal homepage. Selling Myself As A Piano Teacher.

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HOW DO I GET INTO MEDICAL SALES? PART 1- Pharmaceutical Sales …

If you’ve had additional sales training such as SPIN selling , PSS, or been through a program that teaches “Feature Benefit sales techniques” or “Solution selling” that all the better. pharma. SO where do you start?

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‘SPIN® Selling’ – A Classic that is worth reading again and again

Looking for a book that will help you increase your conversion ratios?

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The SPIN Selling Fieldbook

Neil Rackham’s national bestseller SPIN Selling revolutionized high-end selling. Now, The SPIN Selling Fieldbook shows you how to actually put into practice the proven tools and techniques outlined in that cutting-edge guide. After a .

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