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Up Selling or Thinking Big

My thoughts over the last few days have just reconfirmed a few things about making major sales. I have been looking at cars and speaking to a number of sales people involved in the vehicle sales profession.

Even though price selling may be easier and faster, you will be the loser because of under selling and more than likely earning less income.

Many customers like me have a strong reluctance to purchase poor quality, and some who do so will regret and quite often cancel later.

If you are involved in making major sales or in fact any kind of sales you make a grave error with either extreme.

A: Concentrating your sales effort on quick selling only.


B: Overselling or forcing your customer too hard.

You must determine your customer needs, I do not know how many times this week I have given car sales people a brief on what I was looking for. Price was NOT the motivating factor in my case, yet this brief went over most heads. In nearly every case they tried to sell me something I had no interest in.

There are two reasons for selling a better or upmarket product. The obvious one is too increase your earnings or profitability, and the second is to serve your customer better. A customer frequently will make a buying decision on price alone, unaware that a far better product or service, more keeping with his or her needs, would cost comparatively little more.

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