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Apple Iphone 3G

Is selling an Iphone 3g classified as making a major sale? Somehow I don’t think so as there is nothing short of a frenzy in the market place. Apple have done a stunning marketing job and somehow have made it near impossible to own a 3g phone without entering into a contract for a set term.

Vodafone in New Zealand have a total monopoly on the Apple 3G Iphone and I believe the O2 network have it in the UK. Speaking from my own experience with Vodafone it appears they have a policy of no employment for sales people. I have a contract with Vodafone New Zealand and have been traveling constantly overseas for many years. Currently I am using a normal phone purchased in New Zealand and find I cannot send text from Europe. I can receive text and make and receive phone calls but cannot send text. I have tried to contact a real live person at Vodafone in New Zealand now for over a month.

I have send numerous emails to the company and have never had the courtesy of a reply.

Well, I am a customer am I not? The fact I am paying them an annual fee for a service I am not receiving, breaks all the rules of selling.

Vodafone obviously do not make major sales, they rely totally on frenzy, advertising and public demnand to make sales. If you are a salesperson or a business striving for excellence how would you deal with a customer such as me with the above problem?

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