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Emphasis on company training

Leesburg Training center

Sadly most companies do not train sales staff. However there are exceptions and this is one.

This is the XEROX training facility at Leesburg Virginia in the USA.

The company poured millions of dollars into training great sales staff. Some of whom have made it to the Elite Sales People page on this blog.

I was privileged to have spent a week there in 1980 in the cold snow.

The reason I was sent to Leesburg was because I had become a sales trainer at Rank Xerox in New Zealand.

Xerox Corporation USA ran many courses and my participation was to “Train the Trainer”. The end result was stunning, I had gained huge confidence and I still remember Larry Domonikis who ran the program.

When I returned to New Zealand I was quickly promoted to Sales Training manager as my boss and good friend Richard Marshall was returning to the UK after a couple of years training our sales staff.


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