Self Discipline

Self discipline is seen to be a positive state of mind and allows you to carry out actions regardless of how you feel. Learning self discipline involves a lot of hard work and can be difficult to begin with. By following our advice, you are able to train your body to listen to your subconscious mind in order to fulfill goals which originally you would not have had the willpower to achieve.

When learning self discipline five techniques should be considered. These are willpower, effort, persistence, time and acceptance. Each of these should be considered equally important and no success should be undermined, no matter how small it may seem. Each technique should ideally be realised for any task you undergo each day.

When beginning a task, willpower is normally the first technique to be used. You are able to use willpower from day to day by setting yourself a goal and creating a plan which will allow this to happen. Effort should be used in order to pick the most effective way to carry out the task, whether this involves a lot of work or only a little, in some cases it much more successful to pick the harder task. Perhaps the most difficult yet important technique is persistence.

This is the ability to carry on with an action despite it being extremely demanding or challenging. Time is needed in order to carry out tasks and if this is not given, self discipline cannot be reached. An extra half hour per day concentrating on goals and tasks can make all the difference to succeed. Lastly, acceptance is knowing the reality when you have a achieved the best you can and becoming happy with this.

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