Ten Promotional Items To Motivate Your Sales Staff

Rewarding your sales staff is a great way to motivate them to get out there and make sales, but choosing rewards for them may have you stumped. Cash isn’t always the best motivator – after all, they already know that more sales equals more cash. Promotional items – with and without your company name on them – can be great motivators, especially when combined with a little creative thinking. Here are ten promotional items that your sales staff will happily work toward earning.

A Company Jacket

Company jackets identify an employee as a valued member of the team. Whether you hand out a company jacket to an employee upon their first major sale, or use an ascending series of jackets with different colors or styles for reaching particular milestones, jackets and other outerwear can be powerful motivators for sales people.

Laptop Bags

Laptop bags imprinted with your company logo and name are another great motivator for your sales staff. They’re especially popular with sales staff who are on the road much of the time.

Airport Bag

Do your sales associates travel a lot? Give them a chance to earn a rolling airport bag imprinted with the company logo.

Promotional Items

Many direct sales companies require sales associates to purchase their own incentive and promotional items. The chance to save money by earning promotional giveaways with their sales is a great motivational tool.

Tech Gadgets

Choose promotional items that make their lives easier and more productive. How about a flash drive to keep their important contact information in a pocket or a mini card reader to make it easy for them to check data on the fly? Cell phone chargers and hands-free phone cradles make nice gifts for sales staff on the go as well.

Business Card Holders

Business cards are one of the most important tools of the professional salesperson. An executive business card holder in sterling or embossed leather presents a professional, upscale appearance. When the card holder is a recognition of achievement, it makes it all the sweeter.

Digital Recorder

Digital memo recorders are another popular promotional item that your sales staff will find handy and helpful. No need to fumble for a pen to jot down important notes – just push a button and record it.

Luxury Gifts

Keep in mind that your sales associates have a personal life, too. Luxury gifts that are often reserved as executive promotional items can be powerful motivators. An executive picnic set with a sterling thermos bottle and crystal is a reminder of those finer things that they’re striving for.

Electronic Organisers

Personal organisers are another item that most salespeople wish they had – but haven’t bought for themselves. In fact, nearly any item that you’d use as an executive giveaway gift will make a great sales staff motivator.

Travel Mugs

Travel mugs are all well and good, but when you’re dealing with a sales staff that’s on the road for hours at a time, nothing beats a good vacuum flask. Give it with a gift card to a coffee shop chain that will refill it at the drive-up window, and you’ve got a thoughtful gift that any sales associate will work toward.

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