The Benefits of Marketing Vs. Selling

Have you taken the time to look at the Big Picture?

Too many Network Marketing business owners spend so much time getting lost in all the details that they never seem to figure out how to actually build their mlm business. Do you want to build a MLM empire? Then pay attention to the big picture, especially while working on all of the little details of your business.

What is the Big Picture?

The Big Picture is your Marketing Plan.  Selling is just one piece of the bigger picture. Selling could be actually talking to a prospect or it could be a sales letter making that communication for you. Either way it is just one of the tools that you use in your marketing toolkit.

Selling should not be your primary focus.

“What? Are you crazy, Jeff? I’m in business to make money. How am I supposed to do that without selling?”

I didn’t say not to use selling. I just said you should use selling to help you execute your marketing plan. Most MLMers think marketing and selling are the same thing. That line of thought will limit your ability to grow your business.

Let’s take a step back here and first define just what marketing is…

MARKETING is getting the right MESSAGE about your product or service to the right TARGET NICHE (or audience) through the right MEDIA.

From this definition you can begin to design your Big Picture Marketing Plan. Follow this simple definition of marketing and you will find success. Forget what marketing really means and you will your business will suffer.

Attention: Don’t get lost in the details as you drill down into this definition of marketing. The biggest place I see small business owners having trouble with this is when they start to drill down on the media piece. The Internet is a perfect example.

A lot of MLM business owners think they are in an Internet Marketing Business. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Internet is just a media to be used to reach your customers. Is it the right media? That depends on your customer base. But when you get lost in the details of the Internet, and anyone can do that, you lose sight of why you’re in business in the first place… to serve your customers.

There are so many little details involved with “doing business on the Internet” (ie, using the Internet as a media to reach you prospects or customers) that most home business owners forget what happened with the dot com bust.

Don’t remember what happened to cause the dot coms to fail? It’s because they spent way too much money on technology for technology sake. They didn’t ask the question “does this technology help us deliver our message to our target audience via the right media?” They didn’t even ask “does this technology help us serve our customers better?”

They got lost in the details of technology. They wasted money on stuff because they thought it was cool. They put the media before the Marketing Plan.

Don’t get caught making the same mistake.

So who wins? Marketing wins every time. Selling helps you with the message but selling is just one piece of the puzzle. Once you’ve figured out what your overall Marketing Plan is then get to work on all the details that will help you achieve your goal.

Never lose site of how you are going to build your Network Marketing empire…

By getting the right MESSAGE to the right TARGETED NICHE via the right MEDIA.

Follow this simple plan and I’ll see you at the top.

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