The bleating goes on

Sorry folks I have been totally sidetracked from blogging lately and have been so busy with seminars in various parts of the world; the time just goes by.

However I have to say a few words about retailers and their views toward some of their suppliers.

Just recently I have had the opportunity to visit some of my old retail friends in New Zealand. These good people are in the consumer electronics industry, one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Most of these retailers buy from local distributors and very much rely on getting fair pricing, good continuity of stock and above all great communication. I am just amazed at the stories I have heard over the last week. One retailer who I know does fantastic business for a large manufacturer from Japan. This retailer has NOT been visited by his supplier in four years. The same retailer was recently invited to a product release of a famous brand that had recently changed distributors.The effort to get there was a five hour drive, the cost of accommodation overnight and guess what?

They never met the owner of that business? They did not meet the most important person who was the representative of a well known brand of stereo equipment.

With this type of treatment by wholesalers toward their retailers just baffles me. These distributors should be totally fearful of technology changes that could easily be the demise of their business.

There appears to be no sales classes in any of the big wholesalers I know in New Zealand. They all have Sales Managers but no Sales Manager Training. In all the years I was in the Consumer Electronics business, it was non existence except for a large supplier in Canada who built wonderful Loudspeaker products.

Clever people are now offering grey market products at much lower prices and unless these OFFICIAL representatives for well known companies get off their butts and go visit the mouth that feeds them they deserve all they get.


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