The daily grindstone

Once you have your goals set and your plan of action, you may now begin work.
If you are going to reach your goals there are some things that will require continued work.

Keeping track of things on a daily/weekly  basis:

Unless you keep a daily track of what you do it will be impossible to achieve your plan. You will find it may only take a few minutes a day to record the data but it will be among your most important daily activities.

I will post an activity or record keeping spreadsheet for you in the next few days and you will be able to download and use it to keep a record of your activities. If you do not have a copy of excel or a suitable piece of software I will post a picture of it so you may draw a suitable equivalent on paper.

Whatever you do make certain you record your results. Be sure to write down every goal for each area you are working on and you will be able to see at a glance if you are moving forward or dropping behind.

Keeping track of things on a monthly basis:

I will also provide a method of being able to track income and goals on a monthly basis. Each month make sure you record all income in the spaces provided. Measure if you are over achieving or under achieving your goals. Remember that resetting your goals on a regular basis is acceptable and it is a most important activity to ensure success.

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