The Price Issue

As I have been traveling and observing people’s selling style, I still see that selling on price is a big issue.

We do know that if you ask people to buy something one person in every four will say yes. This is the law of averages.

I just wonder how many more sales a sales person would achieve if they put price to one side for a minute. It has to be a fact that many customers do not buy on price yet many sales people think they do.

A classic example has to be “Starbucks” A bad coffee at a higher price than normal. Yet the places are crowded just as much as McDonalds. An inferior burger at once again at a high price. Surely if everyone bought on price these places would be empty.

My sales tip today is to keep asking the customer questions, before price is mentioned find out how important it is.

As a side issue you can see in the photo I have been suffering from dehydration in the Jordan Sun.


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