The “Sales Manager Jobs” continued

What type of challenges face a Sales Manager every day when he or she walk into that office?

Is it sales staff motivation?

Is it sales staff reporting and accountability?


Is it grief from higher up in your organization?

No doubt the typical Sales Manager’s Job varies from place to place and company to company. However consider this:

As a sales manager are you a coach? Are you a motivator?

We have all seen and heard about the economic downturn in the newspapers and on Television. We are blasted every day on how 2009 is going to be a tough year.

Therefore I have decided to dedicate some time over the next few weeks to assisting the Sales Manager and posting some worthwhile tips that should make the Sales Managers Job more rewarding and worthwhile in these so called gloomy times.

There can be no doubt the Sales Manager who is entirely on top of their game, with the right attitude will not be affected by any downturn. It is a case of working smarter, motivating the team in the correct manner and sharpening the act.

Keep your eye on this blog over the next few days and even if you get one tip that helps you it will be worthwhile.

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