The Unbeatable Formula to Reaping Big Sales in a Competitive Enviroment

By John Lisimba

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When you go into business, your biggest worry is competition. Surely you would agree with me that if there was no competition, there would be little or no need to market your products. Then, if you fail to beat your rivals, you could be mercilessly swallowed by cut – throat competition. That would mark the end of your business and beginning of your miserable life. In this article I unveil the one time unbeatable formula to reaping big sales no matter how stiff competition might be.


It all starts with being innovative. Every living thing craves change. The innovative businessman who understands this principle capitalises on it to satisfy his/her clients in return for fat cheques.


He looks for areas of problems or set backs. He/she provides solutions. He/she observes his/her product being consumed and continues to look for better ways of satisfying his/her clients.


Let me give you an example.


One day as I walked down a street, I saw a man who repairs shoes. The shoes lacked polish. I then suggested to him that he should be applying polish to the shoes he repairs so that the owners get them back in better state. Nobody repairing shoes was doing that. He accepted my advice and in no time had more clients than he could handle!


I further thought of extending my innovative assistance to the shoe polish manufacturer. I wanted him to find a germicide that could kill most germs found on shoes as they tread in dirty places like toilets. As he markets his product, he could claim to be the only one manufacturing shoe polish that kills most germs found on shoes. He could go further to claim that simple diseases like the common cold and coughs could be history!


“This is the only shoe polish all over the world that I know has a germicide that virtually kills all known germs found on shoes.”


When it comes to writing a sales letter “the only polish that I know has a germicide” could become the Unique Selling Proposition. In business competition, this Unique Selling Proposition could remarkably boost your sales above your competitors’.


You must remember to weave your unique selling proposition in your sales letter. What I mean by this is that it must be repeated several times in your sales letter. This is done because there is power in repetition. Whatever is repeated to the mind several



times becomes convincing. It is taken as truth. That is the power lying in advertisements.


Business competition is dreadful, especially when it reaches cut-throat levels. In direct mail/response businesses, the use of unique selling Proposition is the most reliable and unbeatable formula to reaping big sales. If you use it and keep on improving your product, you become invincible — and wealthy.


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