Where can I find a comprehensive sales training course?

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I really need to take my company to next level and feel thats only going to happen if I really start selling at another level. But really could use some professional training. Any ideas???

Take a look at Miller Heiman. This company does a lot of research every year to understand what it is that sets top sales people and top selling organizations apart, then puts the research out there for anyone to view.

Miller Heiman has several different training programs to fit the different areas of a sales system. If you’re struggling in getting your customers to open up or in finding more opportunities in your existing accounts, take a look at Conceptual Selling®. Or, if you’re losing deals because you feel you aren’t getting high enough in the organization…or maybe having trouble prioritizing your deals to spend time on those that are most likely to close, take a look at Strategic Selling®.

If the training is just for you, Miller Heiman has public workshops around the world. If you have a whole team you need to train, they also do private workshops.

I’ve included a link below to their site as well as a link to some of their research. You have to create an account, but everything you’ll find is free and they don’t sell your info (promise).

Best of luck and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Happy Selling!

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bizconsultant2000 says October 8, 2008

I would really go outside the box for a minute because everyone in the world has a so-called "advanced sales training program". Have you ever considerd an NLP training course? This technology by far is the best I have ever utilized to increase sales because it deals with communications, building rapport and maximizing mental capacity. I offer it as part of my general business development and sales consulting. Check it out
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Dave Stein says October 8, 2008

Hi Steve,

First, let me say that you’re doing a service for the professional sales community with this blog.

Miller Heiman is a terrific choice for many companies. So are many others of the hundreds of sales training firms in this extremely fragmented market. But no training company is right for every customer. Not by a long shot. Not Miller Heiman, The TAS Group, Huthwaite, Wilson, Richardson or any other.

Here is the problem: Research shows that 90% of sales training shows little, if any benefit, after 120 days. That’s across the board–all training companies. Additional research from my firm, CSO Insights and others prove that things are not going all that well in most sales departments.

One of the root causes of the failure of sales training to deliver on its promise is the absence of a comprehensive and objective (not performed by the vendor) requirements definition. If a company doesn’t understand their own requirements, any sales trainer looks like a good fit. (It’s the old, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”)

So, picking a training company because of brand recognition, having used them in the past (when you worked for someone else), a best-selling book written by the CEO, a webinar, a conference, or by any other means that eliminates the critical customer-requirements-to-vendor-capabilities step is likely to be a waste of time, money and opportunity.

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